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When data science meets rocket science, great innovations are born - at least that is the thesis of Altair, one of the world's leading companies in the field of computational science and intelligence. The US company uses computer science to drive innovation and intelligent decisions for a more connected, secure and sustainable future. At HANNOVER MESSE 2024, Altair will therefore present technologies, methods and examples of how companies can succeed in their quest for digital transformation through the use of simulation, data analysis, artificial intelligence and high-performance computing.

Scaling AI initiatives without a large team of data scientists

If surveys are to be believed, most companies currently want to invest in data analysis and AI, but recent data shows that only thirteen percent of all companies are actually implementing their data strategy profitably. The reasons for this vary from company to company. Altair's data analytics solutions enable organizations to scale AI initiatives without the need for a large team of data scientists or expensive service deployments. With minimal training, both novice and experienced users can utilize the data and analytics tools needed to deliver data-driven insights, as shown below.

Improving supply chain management

Inefficiencies, delays and higher costs are just some of the challenges facing the manufacturing supply chain today. Altair understands these challenges and offers comprehensive supply chain management solutions to optimize procurement, inventory and logistics. Altair's tools - including supplier collaboration, demand planning and logistics optimization - are designed to help customers increase efficiency and reduce costs.  With Altair's data analytics and supply chain optimization expertise, manufacturers can manage fluctuating demand and streamline their operations to ensure they can deliver high-quality products to their customers on time and on budget. 

Planning maintenance work to prevent equipment failure

Carrying out preventive maintenance according to service life and cycles helps prevent equipment failure in all industries. However, it can also mean stopping a well-functioning machine, even if nothing is currently wrong. Predictive maintenance is a better way for a company to maintain equipment without interrupting production.  By combining intuitive machine learning tools with cloud-based or edge computing systems to analyze data from the shop floor, Altair RapidMiner - Altair's data analytics and AI platform - helps keep a close eye on the health of a plant. Altair's solutions give users the confidence to keep machines running, knowing that problems that would otherwise be overlooked can be identified and fixed. In this way, costly breakdowns and equipment downtime can be avoided.

Transforming the warranty process

The sheer number and variety of warranty claims in the automotive market makes traditional business intelligence-based methods confusing. However, these claims contain valuable information about product quality and reliability, customer expectations and can also reveal design or manufacturing defects. Altair's solutions enable automotive manufacturers to use this data source to improve existing products, develop more reliable new products and increase profitability.