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Deutsche Bahn and Konux have contractually agreed an operational test of 100 smart track switches. The Konux sensors used measure the lowering of the ties of high-speed track switches. The collected data should in future be transmitted to DB's in-house diagnostics and analysis platform DIANA , which already monitors the actuation of more than 15,700 track switches. Additional applications enable the reconstruction of a holistic digital image for each track switch in this way.

Konux had completed the start-up funding program in the DB mindbox in Berlin in 2015. The World Economic Forum (WEF) nominated it as one of the world's most innovative startups in growth areas such as artificial intelligence and robotics, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, cybersecurity, autonomous driving, drones and biosciences in 2017 - and it was one of 30 participating technology pioneers worldwide at WEF in Davos in 2018.