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Everyone knows propellers – but what is an impeller? An impeller is nothing more than a propeller encased in a circular or tubular housing that is often used in pumps. The impeller rotor is not installed in the middle of the pump casing, but off-center so that when it turns, the flexible vanes are compressed on the one side and released again on the other. This creates pressure and suction – and there you have a functional pump. ZUWA-Zumpe has been building its ZUWA impeller pumps following this principle for 60 years, and is exhibiting this extensive know-how at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The manufacturer describes its impeller pumps as universal pumps. They are dry self-priming and very easy to service, with low maintenance costs. With their flexible rotor vanes they are also resistant to solid content in the pumping medium and strong enough to pump even highly viscous fluids. Every model includes the option of an electric motor (12, 24, 230 or 400 volt), and impellers in different materials also adapt to various fields of use and pumping media, such as food products, corrosive fluids or media at high temperatures. These powerful impellers can pump from three to 730 liters per minute, and empty containers almost to the last drop. Pumping is gentle and free of pulsation.

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