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A prototype of the latest E-115 wind turbine by ENERCON has been towering over the North German landscape since December 2013. The company – one of the leading international manufacturers of wind turbines with more than 22,000 turbines installed in over 30 countries – is placing the innovative three-megawatt turbine at the center of its exhibit at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

The new series is produced with hub heights of 92 to 149 meters and now leads ENERCON’s range of megawatt-class turbines. The advantage compared with the previous top model E-101/3 MW: the blade profile is optimized and rotor diameter enlarged from 101 to 115 meters. According to the manufacturer, ENERCON’s new series is thus ideal for use even in somewhat less windy inland regions. One standout feature of the new turbine model: the rotor blades are manufactured in two parts – tip and inner section – for delivery to the installation site, which makes transporting the huge components much easier. They are then assembled on location. And here’s what the new turbine can do: at an inland location with average wind speeds of 6.5 m/s with a hub height of 149 meters, the E-115 produces some 9.3 million kilowatt-hours of energy. That is 14 percent more than the E-101 could produce at the same location. ENERCON plans to begin series production of the new range in mid-2014.

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