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The non-contact charging technology was developed by Blue Inductive , a multi-award winning startup of former Fraunhofer employees. The company specializes in non-contact charging systems for mobile robots and electric cars. An important goal is to provide electric vehicles with energy, not manually but automatically. Ultimately, if electromobility is to succeed, simple and fast charging solutions will be key. At the same time, a new generation of mobile industrial robots is revolutionizing industrial production, logistics, and many other industries.

The non-contact Blue-Inductive charging systems are characterized by high performance and efficiency. With an efficiency of up to 95%, they are at the level of the best charging systems via cables. Their power of up to 22,000 W would be enough to charge up to 10,000 smartphones at the same time. The energy can be transmitted over a distance of up to 20 cm through the air (the typical ground clearance of an electric car).

The competition, however, doesn’t sleep. Continental, which is currently focusing heavily on electromobility , now has two irons in the fire: vehicles with their own battery charging system, which will in future be able to position themselves autonomously exactly above the floor slab, and the AllCharge system that the developers presented at IAA 2017. Continental is shifting most of the charging technology into the electric drive train. The system works in both directions and works with any type of charging station.