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STEKA‘s Innsbruck factory in the heart of the Austrian Tyrol has made its mark for more 60 years in the processing of technical ceramics. For most of this time, production has focused on devices such as fuses, capacitors or lamp sockets that utilize the insulating and heat-resistant properties of ceramic material. The rise of the iPad was the trigger for STEKA to test out their long-held conviction that technical ceramics could offer far more than pure practicality with its attractive, high-end look and feel. Now with the D1 Dock, the Austrian company has produced its first designer product in Advanced Ceramix, an elegant and functional docking station for all current iPad models.

The D1 Dock will be premiered at HANNOVER MESSE 2014 as part of the Daxndox range, where it will take pride of place alongside STEKA’s traditional product range. The D1 is produced at the main factory in Innsbruck from steatite, a compound consisting mainly of soapstone. It can position the iPad either horizontally or vertically, at two different angles. In the vertical position, at an angle of 67 degrees, it is ideal for emailing, organizing calendar appointments or reading e-books. To view movies or photographs, the horizontal position at a 40 degree angle is the perfect choice.

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