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The Power-Blox is a cube-shaped energy storage system that provides voltage of 230 volts and continuous power of 200 watts. The cubes are easy to stack and plug together, for example, to absorb short-term power peaks. You can join the cubes to form a micro grid. According to the manufacturer, an unlimited number of Power-Blox units can theoretically be connected in such a network. The storage units are charged via an optionally supplied solar module, or even via hydro power, wind energy or power outlet.

Power-Blox can currently be used in regions such as the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, which was hit by a natural disaster, or remote regions where the energy storage system supplies power to small businesses. In both cases, the system's simple installation has proven to be an advantage. Swisscom uses them to supply the communication facilities of Alpine huts with electricity. Stäubli Electrical Connectors distributes the boxes.