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MVTec released MERLIC 3, the latest version of its image processing software, on 3 April. It is based on a state-of-the-art software library that meets complex technical requirements, and is designed to enable even more convenient and user-friendly creation of applications for industrial image processing. MVTec is positioning this release first and foremost as a response to the current strong market demand for efficient use of deep learning in industrial image processing.

MVTec is keen to stress that the technologies for optical character recognition (OCR) have been further enhanced for MERLIC 3. For example, the software now offers a deep-learning-based OCR classifier that can be used for numerous different fonts. It is designed to allow an unprecedented recognition rate for combinations of numbers and characters, for instance on workpieces for secure identification and further processing. Dot print fonts can now also be read even more effectively using MERLIC 3. According to MVTec, optimizations have also been made for reading barcodes and data codes, so that blurred, overexposed, distorted or low-contrast QR codes can be recognized even more reliably in the future. QR codes with varying column widths can now also be scanned with ease, as can partly obscured or damaged barcodes.