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The European Commission wants to set cybersecurity standards and strengthen Europe’s cybersecurity capacity. As part of its ‘Horizon 2020’ funding program, the EU is therefore investing almost €64 million in the four pilot projects CONCORDIA, ECHO, SPARTA, and CyberSec4Europe, with the aim of developing a European network of expertise and marketable solutions to tackle future cybersecurity challenges, from e-health, finance, and telecommunications through transportation.

The four projects bring together a total of 160 partners from 26 EU Member States. With a total grant amount of €16 million, the CyberSec4Europe project will be led and coordinated by Goethe University in Frankfurt . The flagship project focuses on domains such as banking, healthcare, identity management, and smart cities. The 43 consortium partners from 20 EU countries, Norway, and Switzerland, include universities and institutes, as well as research departments at enterprises such as Siemens and ATOS.