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The German-Austrian seat was unveiled in March at the Lightweight Construction Symposium in Kasel, near Trier. In May 2019, it won the German Innovation Award ; this was followed by the Altair Enlighten Award in Traverse, Michigan, in August.

The seat was developed by engineering service provider csi entwicklungstechnik , management consultancy Automotive Management Consulting (AMC), and mechanical engineering company Alba tooling & engineering . It weighs only approximately 10 kg, including the substructure, making it around 20% lighter than comparable products. According to the companies involved, it is particularly suitable for use in sports cars and aviation, for example air taxis. Its low weight is primarily the result of a new manufacturing process, ‘xFK in 3D’, a fiber composite technology, whereby a continuous fiber impregnated with resin is aligned and wound three-dimensionally in line with the desired functionality of the relevant component and the calculated loads.