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Media such as liquids or gases have to be shut off, released, dosed, distributed or mixed in everyday industrial applications. These tasks are performed by solenoid valves, among others. They are subject to countless requirements in very different application environments. According to Bürkert, the specialist for fluid control systems from Ingelfingen, the challenge for the future lies in a sustainable and energy-saving solenoid valve solution.

Valves with electromagnetic coil systems are preferred for the automated switching of gaseous and liquid media. In addition to reliable functionality, energy efficiency and low noise emissions are playing an increasingly important role these days - combined with the longest possible maintenance intervals. Coil systems with kick and drop electronics offer optimized valve performance and at the same time set new standards in terms of cost-effectiveness. The new solenoid valves with kick-and-drop technology are around 35 percent smaller but, according to Bürkert, are just as powerful as their predecessors of conventional design. In addition, the new technology prevents unpleasant noise emissions, operates silently and causes neither unpleasant whistling nor mains humming.