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"Subsea in (e)motion" is the motto of the InwaterSolutions special event premiering at this year's HANNOVER MESSE. The exhibition, conceived as an annual event, shines the spotlight on sustainable German marine technology and research. Visitors can experience the huge potential of innovative and environmentally conscious maritime technologies and solutions with major exhibits and live demos in a huge water basin. This showcase is part of the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure's "Das Meer – Unser blaues Wunder" branding campaign. The campaign logo will identify projects that raise awareness of the oceans and their importance for our climate, environment and well-being.

Seas and oceans are sources of raw materials, energy and food; the maritime economy, maritime research and engineering, shipbuilding, maritime traffic, ports, coastal tourism, fishing and much more provide people with innumerable possibilities for sustainable growth and employment. Only healthy seas can support these many uses, however. The new InwaterSolutions platform offers real-life demonstrations of how the maritime economy can go hand in hand with keeping our oceans intact. Exhibits and projects range from intelligent self-piloting underwater vehicles to research dives, coastal protection and maritime services. Visitors can view maritime product highlights at work in their element in a large water basin representing a model sea. The show’s partners and exhibitors include among many others the German Association for Maritime Research (DGM), the German Association for Marine Technology (GMT), the Leibnitz Institute for Baltic Sea Research and Leibniz University Hannover (Institute of Materials Science).

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