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With its FTS system named Fast Move, E&K Automation GmbH has unveiled an e xtremely low transport robot with a height of just 13 cm for automated material transport in modern Industry 4.0 environments. It occupies a footprint of 60 x 140 cm and is particularly suited to use in confined spaces: the flexible, continuously variable, driverless transport system does not require any additional maneuvering space for turns, copes with bends and diagonal movement, and transports loads of a maximum of 2 metric tons at a speed of up to 2 m/s. You can see how the platform maneuvers through the factory halls on the YouTube video .

The out-of-the-box Smart Move test package also offers companies that express an interest with the option to automate their transport with forklift vehicles. Transport solutions from Linde MH and Jungheinrich are supported and can therefore be driverless, without losing the option for manual operation. Toyota Material Handling is another one of the large providers of FTS systems which are being used more and more frequently. The Japanese company recently launched T-One, its own FTS automation software , which is intended to provide a complete overview of the material flow.