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Color sensors used in automation technology are optical signaling devices for selective detection and evaluation of the visual spectrum. As such, it can replace the function of the human eye for a vast range of applications. Color sensors play an important role in quality control, process management and detecting the presence of assembled components, as well as to check lighting for color and brightness. ASTECH is bringing a particularly compact color sensor from its tried and true CROMLAVIEW® range, the CR50/CR50-FO , to HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Like its bigger brothers, the CR50/CR50-FO is based on the three-range colorimeter process, in which the light is evaluated using standard spectral value functions and assigned to the three wavelength areas red, green and blue. This process enables the sensor to recognize colors in the same way as the human eye. A sophisticated design allows simple configuration of the CR50/CR50-FO with just a few keystrokes. Built-in CROMLASTAB® stabilization channel technology ensures reliable operation throughout the device lifecycle and also compensates for temperature drift.

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