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HANNOVER MESSE 2016 spotlighted the industrial startup scene with the new special display Young Tech Enterprises, which showcased 115 young companies from industry sectors such as hardware, Internet of Things, industrial automation, and industrial supply.

Thirty-two of these exhibitors took on a special challenge: the Startup Pitches @ Young Tech Enterprises, which ran during the first four days of the fair. With each pitch, a competitor had only a few minutes to convince the jury of his product’s value. And it was not only about the 5,000 Euros in prize money, but also awareness and networking with potential partners, investors and distributors.

On April 28, jury members Klaus Engelhart from Constantia New Business GmbH, which provided the prize money, and Sascha Schubert, Deputy Chairman of the German Startups Association, announced the winners.

"During a pitch the audience could feel the creativity and enthusiasm that drives these entrepreneurs forward."

1. Place: { "href" : "http://www.hannovermesse.de/exhibitor/fdx-fluid-dynamix/C455224", "vLink" : false, "text" : "FDX Fluid Dynamix", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null }

FDX Fluid Dynamix GmbH (Berlin) took first place with its OsciJet nozzles, which blend gasses and fluids without using moving parts. OsciJet generates an oscillating jet wear-free – for example to mix fuel with air in engines or to spray water in dish washing machines – and thus eliminates service and repairs. Plus, the nozzles improve the mix quality by up to a factor of 15 and can be tailored to customer demands.

2. Place: { "href" : "http://www.hannovermesse.de/exhibitor/ixworx/N137580", "vLink" : false, "text" : "IXWORX", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null }

IXWORX , a.s. (Bratislava) was awarded second place for its GUIDE software platform, which enables interactive 3D product design and presentation. GUIDE can be configured in real time so that the viewer sees all product functions in an animated simulation directly on the device. GUIDE is suitable for interactive product presentations and product guides; portable, direct communication between manufacturer and customer; and education and training.

3. Place: { "href" : "http://www.hannovermesse.de/product/nanowired/2115466/B951097", "vLink" : false, "text" : "NanoWired", "target" : "_blank", "tracking" : null , "vTrackingFooter" : null }

Third place went to NanoWired (Technical University Darmstadt) for a coating technology that integrates metallic nanowires into almost any surface. As a result, the nano-effects of these structures are for the first time being applied in various areas of life. For example, pressing together two nanostructured surfaces creates a high-temperature resistant connection that in many cases is far superior to conventional soldering or bonding. Further applications include nano-sensors, nano-emitters and nano-electrodes for biotechnology.

"The pitches at Young Tech Enterprises demonstrated the diversity of startups in the manufacturing industry. They combine IT and modern design with classic engineering to fulfill the needs of industry," said Marc Siemering, senior vice president of HANNOVER MESSE. "During a pitch the audience could feel the creativity and enthusiasm that drives these entrepreneurs forward. They do indeed work in the digital world, but they still make tangible products."

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