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With this strategy, the federal government is pursuing three main objectives:

1) making Germany and Europe a leading location for the development and application of AI technologies and safeguarding Germany’s future competitiveness;

2) ensuring responsible development and use of AI based on the common good;

3) embedding AI into society ethically, legally, culturally and institutionally within the framework of a broad social dialog and with active political involvement.

The plan is to invest EUR 3 billion in twelve areas of activity to achieve this: strengthening research in Germany and Europe; accelerating the transfer of research results into the economy; supporting the availability of specialist staff and experts; shaping structural change in companies and on the job market; creating the basic conditions for ethical application of artificial intelligence; extending European and international collaboration on AI topics; and promoting social dialog about the opportunities and effects of artificial intelligence. The key requirements are formulated in the cornerstones of the AI strategy agreed by the federal government on July 18, 2018. The strategy will be presented in detail at the Digital Summit in Nuremberg on December 3 and 4, 2018, which will focus on artificial intelligence.