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Without them, there would be a tiny but critical void in millions of smartphones: 3D circuit boards are used in about half of all modern mobile devices. The latest systems and processes for these vital electronic mini-components are on display by laser specialist LPKF Laser & Electronics at HANNOVER MESSE 2014.

Under the heading ‘Laser Direct Structuring’ (LDS process), LPKF shows how prototype 3D circuit boards can be produced rapidly, with a spray-can of special LDS lacquer, the LPKF ProtoLaser 3D and a simple metallization process. In the first stage, a component is produced in plastic; the laser then applies the conducting structure; and in the final stage metallic layers are formed on the laser-processed areas. An LPKF Fusion3D 1100 laser structuring machine is demonstrating the LDS process at the stand.

At the 2010 HANNOVER MESSE, LPKF won the prestigious HERMES AWARD – even back then, the Fusion3D was an outstanding and innovative laser system for production of 3D circuit boards in plastic.

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