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Faster, more flexible and more efficient production - these are the pressing requirements in industry today. In order to increase overall efficiency in production, optimization potential must first be made visible. "The key to this is analyzing the performance of the entire production process and adjacent processes. Our 'Manufacturing Analytics Control' product family offers comprehensive data analytics options for this, both in real time and based on historical data. This provides a clear insight into current and past performance, especially for critical machines and processes," explains Peter Bollinger, CEO of iTAC Software AG in Montabaur.

Holistic platform

"Manufacturing Analytics Control" can be used to complement the iTAC.MOM.Suite manufacturing operations management system, which is designed to plan, control and monitor production processes in real time, as well as being implemented as a stand-alone solution. The iTAC.MOM.Suite has a modular and scalable structure and can be seamlessly integrated into companies' digital platform strategies thanks to its openness. The microservices architecture of the holistic platform makes it possible to provide functionalities as required. However, the proven functionalities for traceability, production planning and control are gradually being expanded to include new applications, including AI and low-code applications.

Efficient interaction between man and machine

In addition to intelligent analysis, iTAC also focuses on efficient interaction between humans and machines. The company has integrated an AI chatbot as a plugin for the Workbench. The multimodal language model is able to understand the technical documentation on the basis of specific data stored by iTAC and provide appropriate, technically knowledgeable answers to questions. It can also recommend the right API for a particular use case and even generate script code for a use case based on the API documentation and input. In addition, the tool offers translation options in more than 140 languages.

Chat with the system

"Users can chat with the system and ask questions about specific functions or interfaces, for example. If an answer is not yet fully satisfactory, further details can be called up. Among other things, we have stored all the iTAC.MOM.Suite manuals on which the information is based. And the system has the ability to understand and generate code itself. In this way, artificial intelligence helps to significantly increase industrial value creation," explains Peter Bollinger. In this way, the developers at iTAC want to combine artificial intelligence with a holistic production management system in a meaningful way - always in compliance with the highest safety criteria and guidelines.

Solutions for all industries across the entire process chain

The company offers solutions for all industries and for the entire process chain. This starts with simulation, including production planning with the solutions from iTAC subsidiary DUALIS, and extends to manufacturing analytics control. ANT Sp.zo.o, a company that has been part of the Dürr Group since summer 2023, also overcomes the challenges of high-volume production environments, for example in the food and cosmetics industries, i.e. in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. The industrial software specialist's solutions are also used in the pharmaceutical industry, where they help to increase efficiency in the production of medicines, vaccines and food supplements.

Together with DUALIS and ANT Sp.zo.o, iTAC will be showcasing combined software solutions at HANNOVER MESSE 2024, which will be demonstrated at the joint stand in Hall 15. They provide the answer to current challenges in times of digitalization in the industry.