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This is the conclusion reached by the study “ How future skills are changing HR work ”, produced by the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and management consultants McKinsey. It reports that digital selection tests, business simulations, platform-based analysis of applicant profiles and online training modules will increase significantly in the HR sector during the next few years. Apparently one in three companies will analyze applicant profiles via online platforms in future, while one in four will utilize digital selection tests. Online tools which digitally analyze skills are predicted to be used in the recruitment of around 280,000 academics. Informal learning in the workplace and the amount of training per employee are also expected to see a dramatic rise.

The current study is the second in a total of four discussion papers drawn up by the Stifterverband as part of the Future Skills Initiative . The first report, “ Future skills: what expertise is lacking in Germany ”, highlights the need for technology specialists and further training by the year 2023. The remaining two papers, about changes to the labor market through digitization, will focus on concrete challenges and potential courses of action for educational institutions and policymakers.