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The consultants surveyed AI managers in companies throughout the world, including 100 from Germany: 67% of these are already using process robotics. That is far more than in the USA, China or the UK, for example, where the figure is just under 50% at the moment. Conceptually, there is a need to catch up here: while 35% have an integrated strategy on a global scale, only 26% of the companies surveyed in Germany can say the same. On the other hand, the Germans are a long way ahead when it comes to AI as a Service (AIaaS). 65% use “AI solutions off the rack”, as Deloitte puts it. One reason for this may be the shortage of qualified staff: only 15% are implementing solutions of this sort primarily with their own employees.

As the business magazine Forbes reports, it is anticipated that robot-controlled process automation, in particular, will have a stronger influence on numerous industries in future than it has had until now. Its benefits increase when it is combined with other modern technologies.