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Around 60% of the 1006 Germans surveyed prefer in certain situations to leave the decision up to a machine rather than a person. For example, 15% would prefer to have AI than a human decide when it comes to rejecting or granting a loan, and a surprising 10% apparently trust an AI judgment more than that of a human judge in the case of a traffic accident. However, the survey also revealed a connection between age and trust in technology: Although overall only about 40% of those surveyed generally reject decisions made by AI, for those older than 65 this figure rises to 56%.

One of the reservations with respect to AI technology is the fear that in the future machines could take over more and more work that previously required human workers. Studies nevertheless suggest that on the whole artificial intelligence creates more jobs than it makes obsolete. AI can also make the daily work of human employees safer in industrial manufacturing. Collaborative robots (cobots), for example, would be inconceivable without artificial intelligence.