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In addition to these transferable licenses, Wibu-Systems will also be unveiling licenses that users can borrow. Both types of license enable flexible and secure borrowing and transfer of licenses for protected software. In addition to benefiting users, this will also help manufacturers by enabling them to define the parameters for borrowing and moving their protected software. Users, meanwhile, can borrow and transfer licenses for the protected software offline as required.

Thanks to these new license types, Wibu-Systems is the first manufacturer to make borrowing licenses both secure and convenient. As CEO and founder Oliver Winzenried explains, "The new license types, which can be both transferred and borrowed, have brought us to an important milestone. Convenience and security now go hand in hand. As we are the first ever company to develop and commercialize such a revolutionary concept, we expect significant demand from the market. Just imagine a construction site, which obviously has no Internet connection to the server of the building company. The benefits are evident: The company can reserve one license for protected software from its license pool for a specific employee, transfer it offline, and still comply with the manufacturer’s specifications."

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