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Opitz Solar – a subsidiary of Opitz Holzbau, a German company with a long tradition – has been building innovative comprehensive solutions made of wood and solar elements since 2006. Along with PV units, solar patio coverings, solar roofs and facades as well as solar heating systems, the company also produces wooden carports with solar roofs using solar thermal and PV technology. One of their outstanding products, and a major feature of their HANNOVER MESSE 2014 exhibit, is the Sunnyport®.

Designed for supermarket customer parking, employee parking for large and small companies or parking areas at train stations and ports, Sunnyports® are available in any size, can be erected anywhere without foundations and are easy to install. They transform any uncovered parking lot into an environmentally friendly, profitable and attractive solar carport – with corresponding income for the operator. Among the advantages: customer and employee vehicles are protected from the elements, carport operators can generate power for their own use, and a frame built of quality wood. Sunnyports® are patented and help contribute to climate protection. The company also has another new feature to report, which was recently awarded the Brandenburg CAI Future Prize: soon every Sunnyport® can be made into an electric vehicle charging station.

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