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The Dutch geodata specialist Geodan presented a digital twin of the southeast of Amsterdam on the occasion of its Liveable Smart Cities by Design conference. The company used publicly available data to create a virtual model of the city. Using smart models, processes and plans for future development can be calculated and visualized there. As examples, Geodan cites environmental effects of building a new apartment complex or what changes will be made to traffic by a detour. Authorities and city planners can assess processes faster and more precisely that way.

Geodan developed the game Ecocraft for children at the same time. It uses Microsoft’s Minecraft to digitally map the entire Netherlands, including every building, street, and tree. Publicly available data on energy supply are also integrated. According to Geodan, Ecocraft can answer questions such as how many solar panels are needed to cover local energy consumption. Or would it be cheaper to install a wind turbine? The development of Ecocraft was supported by the United Nations Environment Program .