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Since digitization has increasingly been making inroads into almost all areas of industrial production, HANNOVER MESSE has become even more important as the world's leading industrial trade fair, representing all the key technologies. For exhibitors, it is thus the ideal showcase for trends and innovations. In the Integrated Automation, Motion and Drives display area, for example, BD|SENSORS GmbH - a supplier of pressure and level measurement technology - is exhibiting its comprehensive product portfolio. This ranges from pressure transducers and differential pressure transmitters to digital pressure gages and pressure switches for use in a variety of media. Also included are level and submersible probes, data loggers and display/evaluation instruments. At HANNOVER MESSE 2018, BD|SENSORS is focusing specifically on products with digital interfaces that are particularly suitable for use in the Industry 4.0 environment.

The RS485 interface standard is already an established communications technology. It is ideal for industrial automation, yet is also resilient to interference, overcomes long distances and enables networking of sensors. At BD|SENSORS, it is always used to reliably measure system pressures, levels and differential pressures and to transmit data. The DCT 531 pressure transducer and DCL 531 correlative stainless steel submersible probe are therefore highlights in the "RS485 - Modbus" category. Both products are multifunctional tools for digitally capturing pressure and fill level data and offer impressive long-term stability. Their modular design and robust stainless steel enclosure further enhance their versatility. The DCT 531 reliably measures pressures in the 100 millibar to 400 bar range, accurate down to 0.25% FSO, while also boasting excellent temperature behavior. The same is true of the DCL 531 submersible probe, which features a pressure range of up to 250 bar and 0.35% accuracy.