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Load-sensing (LS) systems are hydraulic controls that can adapt the pressure of a hydraulic pump to suit the consumer’s requirements. Unlike conventional hydraulic pumps, which sometimes cause high power losses because they always run at full power, even when the flow is reduced, the LS system ensures the pump only conveys the volumetric flow rate that all the active consumers actually need in any given scenario. Prestigious Swedish company Olsbergs Hydraulics AB is now showcasing its new generation Q200 and Q300 LS and pressure-compensated proportional valves in monoblock form at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

This new generation of valves from the Olsbergs Q series is designed to offer even better control characteristics. The innovative hydraulic system’s improved performance and, above all, extremely flexible range of applications can be attributed in part to its modular design. Equipped with electro-hydraulic servos and P8 positioners, the Q200 and Q300 valves can be very precisely remotely controlled and can handle a pump pressure of 450 bar and a maximum total volumetric flow rate of up to 300 liters per minute, or 150 liters per minute per section.