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The large facility being planned will have an output of 50 MW and a capacity of 250 MWh based on Highview Power’s proprietary cryogenic energy storage system, CRYOBattery™, which is a storage medium for condensed air. The technology has already been operated successfully in a demonstration plant in Manchester, though on a smaller scale.

The plant uses electricity to condense air to the extent that it cools to -196° Celsius and liquefies. The cold liquid is stored in steel tanks and turned back into gas when it is needed using the heat that is also generated and stored from the condensing process. A turbo generator then turns it back into electricity. The system is intended to serve as a buffer storage system for excess energy generated by renewable energy, in this case wind energy, and balance out the power supply. There are many advantages to this system over batteries, explains Highview Power, the manufacturer: No poisonous, dangerous or scarce materials are used, the lifespan is over 40 years (the lifespan of a battery is 10 to 15) and the condensed air is retained even when stored for several weeks, whereas batteries lose electricity through self-discharge.