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CompActive is a young technology company from Neustadt an der Weinstraße that specialises in the development and production of innovative bending actuators. According to the company, the patented technology is suitable for integrating adjustment functions into a wide variety of products in a particularly compact and lightweight way. Since the shape memory alloy on which the Curve bending actuators are based does not require elements such as gears, motors and mechanics, not only is the assembly effort reduced to a minimum, but the system complexity also remains manageable - as do the costs. All these features make it possible both to think about relaunching established adjustment functions and to develop and implement innovative functional extensions where this was previously ruled out for technical or economic reasons. CompActive supports these processes from the idea to the new series product with feasibility studies or the construction of functional prototypes, among other things. The recently commissioned in-house production is intended to guarantee quality and availability "Made in Germany" all the way to series application.

There is another way

At HANNOVER MESSE 2023, the company will also be demonstrating what future comfort solutions based on CompActive technology could look like, for example in means of transport. Instead of using manual operation to get ventilation systems to control air flows and direct them to the desired locations - and in the course of this having to use an entire battery of noise-emitting and energy-consuming actuators, mechanical flaps, gears and relays - everything is now suddenly to be done quite simply and elegantly. This is to be ensured by a one-piece, space-saving and noiseless ventilation switch based on the newly developed BiCurve actuator, which can hold any position without energy. The functional prototype currently being tested is the result of a cooperation between CompActive and CDEuM.

Nothing but silence

With these flat and compact bending actuators, actively controllable solutions will get by without any installation space outside the flow channel. In addition, the installation effort of such systems will be significantly reduced - and even in the quietest e-vehicle, not the slightest hum or buzz should be heard.