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Possible areas of applications of the Atos Codex AI Suite include data centers or smart cities, for example. The software used to facilitate AI managemen t uses techniques such as machine learning and deep learning. The manufacturer highlights faster market introduction of complex applications as well as low prices due to the demand-oriented use of required resources. The software can be purchased as a stand-alone platform or in conjunction with a server infrastructure.

Other IT companies are also increasingly offering solutions to help companies either use AI technologies or open up new business opportunities with AI. One example is the Intel Saffron AI Quality and Maintenance Decision Support Suite . It can be used to comb through large amounts of data in terms of patterns or trends. A practical example from the field of medical technology will show which opportunities can actually be offered. The software analyzed heart disease based on the heartbeat and reached a success rate of over 90%. This made it better than most flesh and blood physicians.