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H-TEC SYSTEMS is a research and manufacturing company in the GP JOULE Group that is based in Lübeck, Germany. The company has been working on innovative hydrogen products since 1997. It was integrated into the GP JOULE Group in 2010 with the aim of progressing from developing innovative technologies toward smart, holistic system integration. H-TEC’s current portfolio includes H-TEC Series-S stacks and H-TEC Series-ME electrolyzers.

H-TEC Systems' other exhibits at HANNOVER MESSE in May 2017 included its state-of-the-art PEM electrolyzer (PEM stands for "proton exchange membrane" or "polymer electrolyte membrane"), with the official sales launch coinciding with the trade fair. The PEM electrolyzer is a container solution and comes with a four-year performance guarantee. It has an effective membrane area of 400 square centimeters, a starting pressure of up to 30 bar and an electrical output of 225 kilowatts. "This means the specific costs of converting electricity into hydrogen could be as low as 2 euro cents per kilowatt hour in the near future," according to a forecast by H-TEC Systems.