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There are gadgets that have been on the verge of their long-predicted breakthrough for what feels like years, the ever-popular example of which is the Internet-connected refrigerator that keeps refilling itself with necessities thanks to AI. Head-mounted displays are suffering a similar fate. Despite the hype surrounding Google Glass, which died down many years ago, companies are popping up year after year that cling to the quite charming advantages of this technology and try to develop it into a killer application after all. At this year's HANNOVER MESSE, this part was played by the company Eco-Mind Ingegneria Informatica. Under the groundbreaking name Eye4Task, the Italians are presenting a cloud-based AR collaboration platform for digitizing and remotely controlling checklists, procedures and work instructions.

According to the manufacturer, Eye4Task is the first wearable solution that enables field workers to use smart glasses to perform any task hands-free, requesting and receiving assistance via simple voice commands. This assessment is likely also related to the fact that Eco-Mind has already partnered with HeadApp in 2019 to further develop their smart glasses. The version now unveiled works with current smartphones and tablets, making it possible to contact experts around the world who can then provide appropriate support in view of the transmitted speech and real images. This has been seen many times in movies such as Mission Impossible, for example, when it is a matter of defusing a nuclear bomb at the last second.

Eco-Mind offers Eye4Task as a ready-to-use platform, the ready-to-sell package is aimed at value-added resellers (VAR) and is also available as a white label version. Upon request, resellers can also receive training on how to use the platform to best market Eye4Task.