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According to the manufacturer Synaptics (product series Clear ID FS9500 ), the sensors were developed especially for smartphones with frameless (OLED Infinity) displays and are to be used in a flagship model of one of the leading top five providers. According to reports, the provider is Vivo . The solution should nevertheless be interesting for all scenarios that require access control under harsh conditions.

The sensor integrated on the smartphone display should work reliably with cold, dry or even damp fingers. And it is apparently irrelevant whether the device is held in the hand, laid down or is in a vehicle mount. Unlocking a device is also faster than with other biometric sensors such as iris or face scanners. You do have to take off your working gloves, though.

Security is enhanced with PurePrint, which according to the manufacturer is an artificial intelligence-based anti-spoofing technology that can distinguish real from fake fingerprints. Another new technology, SecureLink, combines the TLS protocol with ECC authentication and AES encryption.