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Whether it's in machine and system components, commercial vehicles or solar power systems - inclination sensors play a vital role wherever inclination angles have to be measured reliably. As a specialist in automation and sensor technology, Pepperl+Fuchs already offers inclination sensors for a wide variety of applications as part of its F99 range. Even so, the company has added yet another inclination sensor to its portfolio. Specially optimized for high-precision inclination measurement, the new F199 can be used wherever standard sensors reach their limits in terms of accuracy.

The F199 measures inclination precisely across the entire measuring range of 0° to 360° and along both axes with an accuracy of up to ±0.15°. Thanks to this capability and its extremely robust design, which provides protection to IP 68/69, the F199 can cover a much wider range of applications, particularly in outdoor areas and harsh environments. While the company’s existing inclination sensors are based on a two-part design, with its metal mounting bracket for additional protection, the F199 consists of just one part. Last but not least, its corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, encapsulated electronics and a shock resistance of 100 g make it an extremely sturdy model.