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This is the finding of a study by Capgemini . The consulting firm surveyed 800 managers and 1,200 employees from more than 400 companies worldwide with an annual turnover of over US$1 billion. 58% of managers stated that automation has not yet met their desired goals of increased productivity. Further findings of the study suggest that this is due to inadequately qualified workers. Yet, there is a lot of money at stake here: According to Capgemini, enterprises with a workforce of 50,000 or more that have already implemented upskilling programs can expect to save around US$90 million more per year than companies that are yet to upskill their employees.

By international comparison, Germany is doing well in this respect: 16% of the large German companies surveyed offer an extensive range of upskilling programs, compared with just 10% worldwide. Overall, the authors of the study observe that many organizations struggle with analyzing the impact of automation on the workforce, which proves a barrier to the desired improvements in productivity.