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In the new series of standards VDI/VDE 2193 , the Association of German Engineers (VDI) presents the draft for a language for Industry 4.0. Paper 1 focuses on the interactions between Industry 4.0 components and formulates the requirements with regard to the language required for these interactions. This language needs to have its own vocabulary and define the structure of the messages and interaction protocols. The standard also explains the concept for the semantic exchange of information and shows how the messages for this information exchange must be structured in the use cases of Industry 4.0.

Paper 2 looks at the establishment of legally binding value chains between two or more Industry 4.0 components, across company borders. The paper presents two interaction protocols which organize cooperation between the components in the form of automated tendering procedures.

Both standards have been drafted for users and developers of software for automation and production technology. Paper 1 ‘ Structure of messages ’ and Paper 2 ‘ Interaction protocol for tendering procedures ’ appeared in January 2019 as drafts and can be ordered from publishers Beuth for €81 and €55.90, respectively. VDI members benefit from a 10% discount.