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Hannover Messe hosts this two day event (April 24 & 25) in Hall 3 in cooperation with the Dutch and German High Tech Startup Networks, to make connections between the industry leading companies and the best high-tech startups at the fair.

Are you a startup?

Want to get face-to-face time with tech and industry leaders who could become your lead client, mentor or even your lead investor? Meeting the Industry Giants will give you a shot not just at meeting executives at some of the world’s most innovative corporations, but actually pitching on the stage in front of a huge crowd at Hannover Messe next month.

We’re looking for 40 top startups (10 in four categories):

  • Industry 4.0
  • Mobility
  • Energy
  • Research & technology
  • These will be the hottest topics at Hannover Messe 2017, the largest industrial show in the world for integrated industry; robotics, advanced sensor integration and AI.

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    Are you an Industry Expert?

    The Industry 4.0 revolution is here… and we’re offering you a chance to play a direct and crucial role in shaping the next generation of high-tech startups. Next month, Meet the Industry Giants will bring together the best high-tech startups and Europe’s most advanced corporations at Hannover Messe.

    More and more of the world’s largest and most successful multinationals are discovering how collaborating with startups can both accelerate problem-solving and inject the entrepreneurial spirit into corporate cultures. The missing piece is you: company representatives and industry experts whose insights and experience can take promising startups to the next level, and ultimately toward faster integration into the international supply chain.

    On 24 April and 25 April, we’ll bring them to Meet the Industry Giants at Hannover Messe. On Day 1, we’ll put them through even more vetting in the form of networking, speed dating, matching and pitching competitions overseen… by you.

    This is where you get to help shape the futures of the most promising startups in high-tech by sharing your insights in one-on-one sessions. We need your understanding of technology trends, as well as your assessment of the viability of our startups’ concepts and the strength of their teams. They will give you great insights in the future of innovations.

    Meet the Future of Innovations