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According to the VDE , the new department will act as a guide for the industry, power companies and researchers as they face major changes in the world of energy. It builds on the previously established department for Centralized and Decentralized Energy Production, with a reoriented focus. One of the questions the department’s members will tackle is how much secured power the German energy system needs. Another goal is to come up with technical innovations to make individual production methods more economical. The project is still seeking additional members; contact etg@vde.com for more information. The next session will take place on June 26 in Frankfurt.

Nonetheless, the best type of energy use is none at all. As the local radio network Saarländische Rundfunk reports, industrial companies such as automotive suppliers Voit and ZF have founded a state network for energy efficiency. Its intention is to set collective goals and collaborate on energy-saving projects for the next three years. This network is also looking for more members.