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The new Security Research Group is part of the Silicon Valley Innovation Center (SVIC) of Infineon in Milpitas, around 50 miles south of San Francisco. There, teams are already researching into the automotive and artificial intelligence (AI) fields. The focus of the new group is on compatible security solutions, including innovations for chip cards, passes and computer security, and methods to protect Internet-compatible devices for autonomous mobility, in smart homes and smart cities.

Infineon has also concluded a three-year strategic partnership with the CyLab Security and Privacy Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. CyLab, a leading cyber security research establishment, is launching its “Secure and Private IoT” initiative with the aim of developing new software, tools and models to protect networks and devices. A focus of the project, which will run over several years and in which Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Nokia Bell Labs are also involved, is large-scale IoT ecosystems in cities. Prototypes are also being tested for their applicability in industry in a real laboratory.