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According to Innogy , Holo-Light , which was founded in Tyrol in 2015, has already implemented numerous mixed-reality projects for major industrial customers such as BMW, Festo and BASF. They plan to work with Innovation Hub to jointly test new use cases for the energy industry. The AR representation of critical information is mentioned as an example. The technology also makes it possible to virtually connect remote specialists for the maintenance of wind turbines. Innogy has not announced how much money it is investing in the startup.

Holo-Light has been working together with MCI as a further partner since the spring of 2017. The cooperation is now being expanded. They have already jointly developed the Holo-Stylus , an intuitive input device for head-mounted displays. It is intended to improve the interaction with holograms and the acceptance of the technology. Series maturity is scheduled for 2019.

Austria generally seems to be a favorable place for AR startups in the energy industry. ViewAR , for example, reported on a project with Wien Energy in 2017: the objective was to find out the potential for savings the technology offers in terms of maintaining power plants. Thanks to the positive results, strategic measures were developed with the aim of rolling them out throughout the Group.