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The Fraunhofer IPT is developing innovative production technologies for fuel cells (FC) and electrolysers (EL). Special attention is paid to the scalable and flexible design of new machine and plant solutions. Automated and networked process chains enable economical large-scale production of all relevant components of a FC or EL stack. The development and qualification of the relevant machine technology and for the production of BPPs, MEAs and seals represents a research and development focus of the Fraunhofer IPT.

In addition to stamping processes, the Fraunhofer IPT also manufactures BPPs in a roll-to-roll process and thus researches the advantages and disadvantages of the respective technologies. Similarly, continuous MEA production with direct coating on the membrane is being benchmarked by various technologies. The stated goal is to be able to produce between 1 Hz and 10 Hz, high quality components for PEM and AEM systems on similar equipment. Therefore, in the development of such machines, technology is often transferred from already processed fields such as printed electronics or (solid state) battery.