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“InDiWa” is the German acronym for inspection, diagnostics and maintenance. The network is currently working on a number of projects to develop innovative products and processes for the non-destructive automated inspection and operational monitoring of wind turbine components made from fiber-reinforced plastic. A prime example is the AZuR, a robot that uses high-resolution camera technology and intuitive controls to perform a semi-automated 360-degree visual inspection of rotor blades. The InspektoKopter prototype is on show to the public for the very first time at the "Forschung für die Zukunft" pavilion (Hall 2) run by the German states of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia during HANNOVER MESSE 2016.

The head of the InspektoKopter project, Prof. Frieder Stolzenburg from the Department of Automation and Computer Sciences at Harz University of Applied Sciences, has already received inquiries from abroad in advance of its debut. He says: "We have been approached by various foreign organizations, including from Japan, where there is keen interest in renewable energies and developing suitable technologies." The InspektoKopter UAV has been custom-designed to perform visual external inspections of wind turbines as a partial replacement for manual examinations, which are not only time-consuming and expensive but also hazardous. InspektoKopter uses inspection software to create a precise illustrative 3D representation of the turbine for expert analysis. Prof. Stolzenburg explains: "Our anti-collision system is another innovative element that works by recognizing the outline of rotor blades. This 'visual docking' system ensures the safety of the turbines and our state-of-the-art inspection technology." The "InDiWa" network's InspektoKopter was created in collaboration with the following partners: the Department of Automation and Computer Sciences at Harz University of Applied Sciences, GEO-METRIK-Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH from Magdeburg, Bitmanagement Software GmbH, the Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation IFF, and the Center for Product and Process Innovation at Experimentelle Fabrik Magdeburg ZPVP GmbH.

Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, Magdeburg, Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum (39106 Magdeburg, Germany), Hall 2, Stand A38, Topic: “Forschung für die Zukunft” Pavilion, co-exhibitor with Forschung für die Zukunft