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The challenges posed by Germany’s energy transition are changing. Whereas the initial focus was mainly on turning niche renewables into a serious alternative to conventional generation options, the primary focus now is on systematically and intelligently integrating an increasingly decentralized and diverse energy system. In concrete terms, this means Germany is now looking to leverage innovative technologies to boost the flexibility of its energy system, to intelligently integrate the various energy-consuming sectors and new market participants, and to create new, digitally based business models. Put simply, the task at hand is to achieve integrated energy. Deutsche Messe and dena (the German Energy Agency) are partnering with several companies to present the options and possibilities for achieving this vision at the new "Integrated Energy Plaza" to be staged at the upcoming HANNOVER MESSE 2016 (25–29 April). The centerpiece of the Plaza is an interactive model that will enable visitors to experience the energy system of the future and its component technologies and parts "up close and personal." There will also be a captivating supporting program of lectures, presentations and discussions where experts and visitors from around the world can examine the latest ideas and solutions.

"Today, Germany boasts one of the world’s most diversified energy systems comprising a large number of different decentralized technologies and participants in the electricity and heating sectors, and also in the mobility and transport sector. That is an excellent basis from which to develop innovative new business models that can potentially also find application in other countries. Germany has effectively become the perfect testing ground for the world’s energy future," said dena CEO Andreas Kuhlmann. "The task before us now in the next phase of the energy transition is to intelligently integrate these technologies, interconnect the various participants and develop the requisite system solutions. This will be achieved through digitalization, new business models, innovative companies and highly agile startups in an ecosystem that overlaps with but also runs parallel to currently existing value creation structures."

The Integrated Energy Plaza

The Integrated Energy Plaza will turn the much-discussed energy system of the future into something real and physical that visitors can experience first-hand. At the heart of the Plaza is an interactive model created by GP Joule, where visitors can explore the key enabling technologies involved and witness how they work and relate to one another. If they have any questions, chances are they will be able to ask the manufacturers directly, as many of them will be presenting their technologies right there at the Plaza.

On each day of HANNOVER MESSE, the Plaza will also feature a program of lectures, presentations and discussions that will explore the opportunities of integrated energy from multiple angles. For instance, the energy departments of the U.S. and German governments will take part in a discussion on successful U.S. solutions that could potentially also work in Germany, and vice versa. In one session themed "Mocked today, marveled at tomorrow," Enercon, Prysmian, Siemens and several other companies will present the emerging energy technologies that will shape the market over the coming years. The remaining program will be devoted to various companies’ strategies for fostering and developing innovations. Plus there will be entertainment aplenty with the inaugural "Ultimate Battery Battle" – a lighthearted comparison of various energy storage technologies. The Integrated Energy Plaza offering will be rounded off by a presentation of five new model regions that have received a total of 230 million euros in funding under the German government’s "Shop Window for Intelligent Energy" (SINTEG) development program. Some 200 companies are participating in the program, which fosters the development of new innovative technologies and processes that enable the intelligent integration of intermittent renewable electricity sources.

What is "Integrated Energy"?

The concept of "Integrated Energy" is a holistic perspective on the various sectors that make up the energy system as a whole. It focuses on the intelligent interplay between individual technologies within and, more especially, beyond these sectors. "Integrated Energy" is about using technological innovations to intelligently interconnect electricity systems, heating/cooling systems and eMobility systems so as to enable temporally and spatially optimized solutions. The end result is an energy system that is more efficient, secure and sustainable. Of course, achieving this necessitates efficient communication between all components and participants. This, in turn, hinges on digitalization.

The Integrated Energy Plaza program is available online at: www.hannovermesse.de/event/integrated-energy-plaza/FOR/68365


dena is participating at several other events at HANNOVER MESSE in addition to the Integrated Energy Plaza:

  • group pavilion at the Energy Efficiency Center (Hall 27, Stand L79/1) on power to gas, demand-side management in Baden-Württemberg und Bavaria, dena Grid Flex Study, dena study on energy system services and system services platform, Energy Efficiency Award, dena "Digital Energy World" platform
  • ZVEI group pavilion on the activities of Germany’s Energy Efficiency Networks Campaign (Hall 27, Stand K79).
  • In another event, dena is partnering with Russia’s Ministry of Energy and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy to raise awareness of cooperation options in the area of energy efficiency and renewables:

    German-Russian Energy Forum on Energy Efficiency and Renewables
    Monday 24 April 2016, 2:00 – 5:00 pm
    HANNOVER MESSE, Convention Center, Room 18