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With its TeamRobotics all-in-one solutions for intelligent manufacturing, TechnoRobotics from Raanana near Tel Aviv sees itself as a pioneer of technological change. To back up this claim and to improve the quality and efficiency of metalworking through technological advances, the Israelis have now announced a cooperation with Micro Metal Works.

For this joint venture, TechnoRobotics will contribute its all-in-one solutions, combining hardware, software and customized services in a ready-to-use package. In return, Micro Metal Works from Tamra near Haifa will contribute its extensive expertise in advanced bending and other metal work. Together, the partners aim to integrate smart cobotic technologies into bending processes. This approach underlines both parties' commitment to pioneering innovation and mastery of their respective fields of expertise.

"Small and medium-sized companies have unfortunately been ignored by conventional automation aimed at high-volume manufacturing industries. Today, we are able to offer them simple, safe and smart all-in-one TeamRobotics solutions for various applications, from welding to palletizing," explains Marina Fliamer, founder of TechnoRobotics, adding: "In our collaboration with Micro Metal Work, we are starting with the automation of their bending process. This may seem counterintuitive at first glance, as automating sheet metal forming is the most complex endeavor. In fact, many metal fabricators who handle a significant amount of high-mix, low-volume work have approached bending automation with skepticism. Micro Metal Work's perspective, however, is refreshingly different. With their cutting-edge expertise in metal forming, we are confident of meeting these challenges head on," Fliamer continues.