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Under the name SAP Predictive Engineering Insights enabled by Ansys , the two companies are launching a new smart factories solution featuring Ansys' Digital Twin Software with SAP's cloud platform as well as solutions for the digital logistics chain that links production and facility management. The approach continues beyond providing predictive maintenance capabilities, and not only provides real-time insight into basic facility operation, but also contributes to increased efficiency based on shorter lead times.

The concept envisages the visualization of sensor-based industrial facilities in the form of a digital twin, thus allowing live monitoring to optimize process behavior and operation. The combination of physical simulation models with machine learning technology is also suitable as a basis for predictive maintenance functions that identify possible sources of interference at the facility at an early stage and enable preventive intervention before production comes to a standstill. Although such smart industrial solutions are becoming ever more versatile, many companies are still reluctant to introduce them: According to a BearingPoint Examination , the topic of predictive maintenance is often discussed, but rarely implemented in practice.