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What do you associate with the motto of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk "Building a global hydrogen economy"? And what contribution do you / your company make to building a global hydrogen economy?

I associate the motto with the idea of a fundamental transformation of the current international energy supply concepts. The successive conversion from fossil to renewable energies is not just about replacing one form of energy with another. The changeover entails a transformation in all sectors and areas. Tried and tested patterns no longer work. Infrastructure must be rethought.

Here we see ourselves as a partner who provides solutions for many challenges along the H2 value chain that go hand in hand with the transformation. We have been in business for decades and have been successful in various industrial applications, including in the oil and gas business. Our materials expertise now enables us to build on this to develop products that meet the new requirements.

Why is hydrogen as an energy carrier so crucial for the future of the global economy?

Electricity will continue to be an important energy source in the future, but the electrification of energy systems has its limits. For widespread, continuous availability and application worldwide, energy storage and distribution are necessary. If green electricity can be efficiently converted into hydrogen, easily stored and transported, hydrogen is a key building block for global decarbonisation goals. With our material-driven solutions, we are able to use hydrogen not only as an energy carrier, but also as a process gas effectively and in line with climate goals.

What specific opportunities and challenges do you see in the implementation of a global hydrogen economy?

The consistent international use of green hydrogen as an energy carrier will make a decisive contribution to achieving global climate goals and significantly reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The development of a global hydrogen economy also offers economically underdeveloped countries the opportunity to advance their own economic and ecological development.

At the same time, however, I also see a challenge here. It is not enough for the western industrial nations to strive for the energy transition with the help of hydrogen, while the rest of the world continues to rely on fossil fuels and is only seen as an H2 supplier. I see further challenges in ensuring long-term security of supply with hydrogen. In addition to geographical and political factors, the development

international partnerships play an important role. These must secure production and transport routes, and this requires common international standards and regulations for the production, transport and storage of hydrogen.

Which innovative technologies and developments in the field of hydrogen will you present at the 3minutes2talk in Berlin and how can they contribute to the development of a global hydrogen economy?

We have 150 years of expertise in the development of innovative technologies and products that pave the way for us to offer material-driven solutions specifically and individually for our customers along the entire value chain within the global hydrogen economy. From generation to storage and transport in all media forms and pressure levels, in infrastructure and distribution to stationary and mobile fuel cell technologies.

What message would you like to convey to the participants of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk who are interested in the future of the global hydrogen economy and would like to visit HANNOVER MESSE and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2024?

We have been successful with our know-how and solutions in a wide range of industrial applications for decades. Our materials expertise enables us to develop new products on this basis and to master technical challenges along the entire hydrogen value chain. We want to play our part in the energy transition and support the global expansion of renewable energies - for the transformation of infrastructures and for a climate-friendly future for our planet.