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What do you associate with the motto of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk "Building a global hydrogen economy"? And what contribution do you / your company make to building a global hydrogen economy?

I see the pitch event as a good format to briefly and succinctly say what is important. Bosch is developing technical know-how and products for the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy at many points along the hydrogen value chain.

In addition to mobile applications, Bosch is also developing applications in the field of electrolysis and stationary fuel cells for the decentralized supply of electricity and heat.

Which innovative technologies and developments in the field of hydrogen will you present at the 3minutes2talk in Berlin and how can they contribute to the development of a global hydrogen economy?

The concept of the Stationary High Temperature Fuel Cell "SOFC" (Solid Oxide Fuell Cell) enables a decentralized supply of electricity and heat. This enables e.g. residential quarters, data centers or medium sized industrial companies to cover their necessary energy demand directly on site in a demand-oriented and flexible way.

The SOFC concept can be used worldwide and enables the development of a flexible CO2-neutral energy system with a wide performance spectrum.

The cloud-based design of the control systems of the SOFC modules enables comprehensive energy management and networking to form virtual power plants.

What message would you like to convey to the participants of the networking and pitch event 3minutes2talk who are interested in the future of the global hydrogen economy and would like to visit HANNOVER MESSE and Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE 2024?

Centralized plus decentralized is the motto for building an innovative demand-driven energy system with various gases from natural gas to biomethane to hydrogen.

The decentralized supply of electricity and heat is the key to progress in the energy transition, e.g. in line expansion or storage.