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1) What is the name of your product?

„moneo Starterkit“

This includes the "hardware package for easy starting and testing of a condition monitoring application" QZ9100 and the "licence for the software package for easy starting and testing of a condition monitoring application" QM9101 .

2) What are the possible applications of your product?

  • Complete package with coordinated hardware and software for condition monitoring to ensure the process and running capability of machines and systems
  • Stand-alone-solution for condition monitoring on motors of fans, pumps and other simple machines
  • 3) What is new/innovative about it?

  • Quick and easy entry into the digitalisation of industrial processes and manufacturing
  • Thanks to the possibility of logically linking, analysing and clearly visualising of process values, all values are always in view
  • Enables predictive machine maintenance, avoids unplanned downtime and increases plant efficiency
  • 4) What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Industry-independent, multi-vendor IIoT platform
  • Can be implemented and scaled without extensive IT expertise
  • Simple commissioning and pre-configured components
  • Process values can be logically linked, analysed and clearly visualised
  • The comprehensive alarm management informs about events in absence
  • The starter kit can be expanded and integrated into the company's IT infrastructure at any time.
  • 5) How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?

  • Cost savings through prevention of unplanned downtimes and avoidance of missing parts
  • Higher production efficiency
  • More environmentally friendly and resource-saving production through condition-based instead of time-based maintenance and servicing
  • Adaptation to customer requirements and future expansion of functionalities