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1) What is the name of your product?

StackEIS-M – Electronic load with simultaneous multichannel electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) acquisition for high-power hydrogen stacks.

2) What are the possible applications of your product?

Testing and stack characterizations in R&D or during end-of-line testing in production and practical use in real applications in the field for service and diagnostics.

3) What is new/innovative about it? Does the product have a USP? If yes, what is it?

Innovative is the combination of EIS testing with high current and high power conditions, as well as possibility of up to 1000 measurement channels for quick and most detailed analysis of all stack cells at one time.

4) What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

The possibility to analyze the whole large fuel cell stacks at the same time. Thanks to more than thousands measurement channels we obtain quick and the most detailed analysis of all stack cells. StackEIS-M enables to perform the EIS testing under high current and high power conditions.

5) Can these benefits be expressed in numbers (e.g. process is 30% more efficient)?

We get the detailed results from all cells within a few minutes instead of hours.

6) How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?

Our EIS analyzing solutions support progress in the fuel cell research and hydrogen industry.

7) Are there any other important points that you can think of?

It bridges the gap between research/product development and end-of-line / lifetime QA of the stacks.