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1) What is the name of your product?


2) What are the possible applications of your product?

  • Test rig construction
  • Material testing
  • Quality control
  • Stress tests
  • Environmental simulation
  • Battery testing
  • Battery testing
  • Solar technology
  • Motor / bearing testing
  • Calibration
  • What is new/innovative about it? Does the product have a USP? If yes, what is it?

  • The new Unimotive product range includes five powerful heating/cooling systems especially for applications in the automotive industry.
  • Typical areas of application are material tests as well as temperature-dependent stress and load tests.
  • Unlike conventional temperature control systems, Unimotive units work directly with water-glycol as the heat transfer medium, i.e. no heat exchangers are required
  • Test benches can be realised faster, at lower cost and with less installation effort
  • Coverage of a wide temperature range from -45 to +150 °C
  • Extremely fast temperature changes, perfect e.g. for demanding temperature change tests and simulations
  • 3) What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Direct temperature control with water-glycol down to -45°C
  • XT unit variant with integrated pressure superimposition for temperatures up to +150°C with water-glycol
  • Expandable with FCC modules for flow rate control, also as multi-circuit control for several test objects simultaneously
  • Fastest heating and cooling rates and highest accuracy of +-0.01 °C
  • Efficient operation saves time and operating costs
  • Can these benefits be expressed in numbers (e.g. process is 30% more efficient)?

  • Cost savings due to direct temperature control with water-glycol, i.e. no additional heat exchangers required.
  • Time saving or increased throughput due to multi-circuit control, i.e. several test specimens are processed in parallel
  • Reduced installation effort for test benches, due to integrated solutions for pressure and flow control as well as pressure superposition
  • 4) How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?

    Unimotive is ready for IoT or Industry 4.0. The devices are compatible with all important interfaces as standard and can be easily integrated into automated processes. The following standards are supported: Ethernet, Profinet, Profibus, Modbus TCP, MTP, OPC-UA, RS232, USB, among others.

    5) Are there any other important points that you can think of?

    With the optional "Automated Drain & Refill System", ADR for short, the connected application can be drained with compressed air and changed with the help of quick couplings. The drained thermal fluid is fed back into the temperature control unit and can be reused. The ADR solution thus saves time and money while protecting the environment.

    6) What are your favorite target groups for this product?

    Please name up to five target groups, so we can identify them within the Social Media channels and target “your“ post to the corresponding audience.

    Companies in the sector:

  • Automotive manufacturers and suppliers
  • Test bench builders
  • Test institutes, quality assurance
  • Engineering offices, plant planners
  • Manufacturers of automotive electronics and sensors
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Fuels, additives
  • Solar, photovoltaics