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1) What is the name of your product?


2) What are the possible applications of your product?

  • What is new/innovative about it?
  • With rising stainless-steel prices and long delivery times, PPH2 as a carbon steel forms an attractive option for a growing hydrogen market and alternative to stainless steel with higher availabilities in order to increase hydrogen competitiveness.
  • Does the product have a USP? If yes, what is it?

  • Lower cost (compared to stainless steel)
  • Higher mechanical properties – higher pressure resistance – lower weight due to thinner-walled components
  • Tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11114
  • 3) What is the product’s main benefit for the customer?

  • Lower weight and costs, lowered CO2 footprint
  • Can these benefits be expressed in numbers (e.g. process is 30% more efficient)?

  • PPH2 offers several advantages over traditional stainless steel. The most significant benefit is the reduction in weight by 78 % (kg/m), which translates into significant cost savings. PPH2 can reduce costs by up to 60% due to its lighter weight, making it a more affordable option for hydrogen applications. Moreover, its carbon-steel combination provides the same strength and durability as stainless steel.
  • 4) How can your product contribute to industrial transformation?

  • PPH2 is facilitating the transition to a hydrogen economy: To fully transition to a hydrogen economy, we need materials that can safely store, transport and conduct hydrogen. PPH2, with its unique carbon steel combination has been specifically designed for hydrogen fuel systems.
  • Another significant advantage of PPH2 is its contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint. With the growing focus on sustainability, reducing carbon emissions is a top priority. The use of PPH2 generates fewer carbon emissions as its lightweight nature saves resources.
  • PPH2’s affordability and reduced carbon footprint make it an attractive option for industries looking to meet their sustainability goals. PPH2 is a material that can help drive innovation, reduce costs, and promote sustainability.
  • 5) Are there any other important points that you can think of?

    Poppe + Potthoff has developed a pipe for 700 bar hydrogen applications using the material. This was successfully tested by an independent certified testing institute according to EC79. The interface provided has a metal-sealing ball-cone connection in accordance with ISO 2974.